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Hi folks, My name is Gaz. Garry and I have been actively gambling and betting for around 6 - 7 years now on and off at various online casinos and poker rooms. My favourite online casino being williamhll casino and paradise poker my favourite poker room.

The reason i built this site is for a few reasons. The main one being about 4 years ago i decided i wanted to develop and build my own website. So without any prior knowledge of html or web building of any kind i set about the long and winding road towards towards building my own site. Not having any major hobbies and no sporting ability other than a walk to the shop for a snickers bar :o). I quickly realised that gambling and playing casinos was going to be my theme.

I first purchased a domain name and built my first website which looking back was absoloutly shocking. It was all the colours of the rainbow and extreemly badly built. I have since sold that domain and have built around 4 websites in all trying to make each one better than the last in turn and constantly learning new web designing skills.

Which brings me onto Ive been constantly playing around with concepts and marketable ideas although not initially set out to make money. I got too the thinking theres money to be made in designing websites and becoming affiliated with various companys. Casinos and poker rooms that are on this website pay me and anybody else on the internet a small percentage or bounty for sending them new players. Mainly this money leaves me free to design more websites and pays for the hosting of this site and the general day to day running of it and any others i may have.

I seem to have a thousand ideas a day and seem never able to finish anything i start. I have lots of casino related ideas that i think will work and even have concepts and ideas that i feel would or could rival google and ebay!. But unfortunatly i dont have the coding skills to actually make these ideas come true. If you have them feel free to contact me and we do it together :). after all the great and mighty google started somewhere.

So thats a little about me and id like to thank you for visiting my website and wish you all the luck in the world on your casino or poker gaming journey. And if theres anything u feel i should add to this site or ideas you have that would improve it, please feel free to email me and let me know all about it. Other than that good day ! and Good Luck ! from me.

Please bear in mind that this website is always updating and more content and stuff will be being added to it as soon as i have the time. With more reviews and more bonuses so check back oftern for updates and just general new stuff, bye for now!

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