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Intercasino was the very first online casinos on the net. They are loved by many online gamblers within the casino world and are a much loved favourite of players using this site. They have won best online casino 4 years in a row independantly voted, by people like you and me. Currently offering around $100 free cash bonus and $25 a month Cash match bonus, intercasino go out of there way to please its players. They offer a vast amount of games and also provide several other online gaming establishments including. Interpoker, Interbingo and VIP casino to name but a few. Growing their brand and expanding there portfolio offering the largest amount of different gaming mediums on the net.

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Like most online casinos they offer a flash non download casino and a fully downloadable casino with around 130 of the latest interactive games. With all your favourites such as blackjack, roulette, video poker and slot machines. Intercasino provide all this on a very distinctive gaming platform with 2 floors to its casino, Which i believe is the only online casino to offer 2 floors to play on. Once downloaded you can pick and choose who you want to represent yourself within the casino from a list of online casino characters which adds a bit of fun as they frown when you lose and smile and cheer when you win :o)

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Banking with intercasino is extreemly secure using the latest 128 bit sssl encryption technology but can be a bit slow when you first start. The reason being all banking options are covered by e-cash direct which means you have lots of options to deposit money and play with, but when you withdraw you have to wait a week or so to recieve an ecash direct pin number. The pin number is a one off pin number that is sent to your home address registerd with your account and allows you to withdraw your money and keep the transaction as secure as possible. But remember please keep it handy as you will need it each and everytime you want to withdraw your winnings. A slight pain in the butt. but nothing major to worry about

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Ryan Hartley is your casino manager at the american dollar version of intercasino, and hes a man to look out for. Ryan surfs the multi player tables frequently and dishes out on the spot prizes every month. Infact he gives upto $25,000 in on the spot prizes to random people every month so if you see him about make sure you say hi to him as he could be filling your pockets with gold, ( well dollars but ill take them ). Intercasino is a great casino package and provides all the gaming fun you need, it has plenty of games and many ways to win and comes highly recomended by us here at so take a look around have some fun and most importantly dont forget to fill your swag bag! mwahahahahaha! GOOD LUCK !.

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