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how to play pai gow poker

To start place your bet upon the pai gow poker table. The dealer then deals you seven cards face up and himself seven cards face down. One standard deck of 52 cards plus one joker is used.The joker is not wild but can be used only as an ace or as a card to complete a straight, a flush, a straight flush or a royal flush.

After you have your seven cards, you must form the best 2 hands possible with the 7 cards you've been dealt.. The low hand must contain two cards and the high hand five cards. To do this you must click the 2 cards that will form your low hand by clicking them and the remaining 5 cards will be your second (5 card) hand.

Note : When forming hands, the rank of the five-card high hand must be higher than the rank of the two-card low hand.

Now lets look at the table below

You will see in this example i have chose my 2 highest cards e.g AK to represent my Low hand! As i have been dealt 2 10's in which to form my High hand. If i didnt have a pair to use in either hand then the Ace would have to be in my high hand to represent the highest card available. to justify the ranks of high and low hands.

Once youve choosen your respective hands and pressed (ok) or (done) your hands will be shown face up on the table and the dealer will reveal his hands and the winer will then be determined from the strength of both hands. To win the wager, the player's low and high hand must both rank higher than the dealer's low and high hand, respectively. If one of the player's hands is higher in rank than the dealer's and the other is lower or equal, this is a tie and the player's wager is returned. Otherwise, the player's wager is lost. If both hands are identical, the dealer also wins. And them's the rules boss!

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Hope they help in understanding the rules of how to play pai gow poker and dont forget pai gow poker and all other games can be played for free at any casino on this site.. Just download sign up and play for free until your comfortable with the way the game works - GOOD LUCK !


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