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How to play roulette

Their are 2 types of Roulette wheel. Amercian style roulette and European style roulette. whats the difference i hear you cry.. Well the answer is not a lot!. The difference is that American roulette has a double zero. e.g. it has a sinlge 0 and a double 00.

American Roulette offers the player the advantage of half his/her bet refunded on an even money bet when the ball lands in zero or double zero. Personally i dont like the double zero and always stick to single European Roulette.

The game of European Roulette is played by spinning a small ball on a round wheel with thirty-seven numbered slots. When the wheel stops, the ball comes to rest in one of these slots. The object of how to play roulette is to correctly predict the slot in which the ball will land. By predicting the right number, you earn a payoff on your bet. usually 35/1 for hitting a number direct.

About the Bets

You can place eight different kinds of bets on the roulette table. Each type of bet covers a certain range of numbers, and each type has its own payoff rate.

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Bet Type
Straight Up
Place your chips directly on any single number (including zero)
Pays 35/1
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Split Bet
Place your chips on the line between any two numbers
Pays 18/1
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Street Bet
Place your chips at the end of any row of numbers. A street bet covers three numbers
Pays 12/1
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Corner Bet
Place your chips at the corner where four numbers meet. All four numbers are covered
Pays 9/1
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Line Bet
Place your chips at the end of two rows at the intersection between them. A line bet covers all the numbers in either row, for a total of six
Pays 6/1
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Column Bet
Placing a chip in one of the boxes at the end of the columns covers all the numbers in that column, a total of twelve. (The zero is not covered by any of the columns)
Pays 3/1
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Dozen Bet
Placing a chip in the box marked 1st 12 covers numbers 1 to 12, 2nd 12 covers numbers 13 to 24, 3rd 12 covers numbers 25 to 36
Pays 3/1
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Red/Black - Even/Odd - Low/High
A chip placed in one of the six boxes at the bottom of the board covers the half of the board described in that box. (The zero is not covered by any of these boxes.) Each box covers eighteen numbers. Low covers numbers 1 to 18. High covers numbers 19 to 36
Pays 1/1 Evens
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Once a spin is complete the winning number will be clearly marked and the winning bets will be payed in full

Just a basic guide on how to play roulette and the way you can bet.. Hope this helps and as always good luck from

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