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How to play texas holdem Poker

To start off All players are each dealt 2 cards called Hole cards. These cards are your cards and no one is allowed to see them. So keep them safe. Once every player has their hole cards the first round of betting begins.

The action always moves in a clock wise direction and is indicated via a white disc called the Dealer Button. The person next to the dealer in a clockwise position posts whats known as the (small blind) and the person next to them posts the (big blind). These blinds are what gets the action started in a game. Every player will inturn place a big blind and then a small blind onto the table in order to get the action started. The person next to the Big blind in a clockwise position is then the first player to act.

In every round of betting you have 4 basic options. depending on your position on the table and based on what your other players do around you. You can check, bet, fold or raise. You can only check if a). You are the first person to act in the hand or b). The person who went before you checks first !. you can not check a bet or a raise. You have to either match the bet or raise with your own chips or fold your hand.

how to play texas holdem poker

Once the first round of betting has finished. i.e everybody on the table has checked, bet, raised or folded the remaining players will see the flop. The flop is the First 3 cards dealt by the dealer onto the table face up for everyone to see. These 3 cards plus the turn and river cards are more commonly known as the community cards.

Once the flop is shown the 2nd round of betting begins. All players still in the hand can use all the cards on the table combined with the 2 in their hands to make the best hand possible and based on the strength of that hand, you bet, check, raise or fold. This is it ! you are now playing poker ! fun isnt it :o)

But thats not all. After the flop comes the (Turn). The turn is the 4th card to be dealt face up onto the table. After this there is a 3rd round of betting and then the final card is revealed called the (river). Once the river card is shown there is one final round of betting and the remaining players turn their cards over to reveal who has the winning hand.

Note: If you have been bluffing throughout the hand or your cards arent very good you DO NOT have to show your hand to the table. You can quietly and discreetly pass them to the dealer and give up the pot to the winning hand. This is called (Mucking) the hand. The main reason why people Muck thier cards is to not reveal the strength of the hand to the opposing players as you wouldnt want to give free information to your opponents about the type of cards your betting, raising and playing with. But this is more to do with the strategy of poker which we will go into more details in later.

Lets quickly summarize how the game works:

  • Each player is dealt 2 hole cards
  • 1st round of betting begins
  • After betting we see the Flop - The first 3 community cards
  • 2nd round of betting begins
  • Turn card is dealt - 4th community card
  • 3rd round of betting
  • The river card is dealt - the 5th and final community card
  • 4th and Final round of betting
  • Cards are either shown or mucked and the person with best cards wins the pot

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I hope this guide on how to play texas holdem poker has been of some use to you. And if so recomend this site to a friend or collegue :o). Other than that i wish you Good Luck and best wishes from In all your gambling related adventures !

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